Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Saddle Up!

Are you ready to take another adventure on the dusty trail of the past? If so, you will enjoy the third book, Mail Order Bride:Love in the Wind, in the Mail Order Bride Express series!

Meet Josie Brentwood. Her father sent her out west from Texas to find a husband. He said that she had out-ridden, out-roped, and out-shot every cowboy in the county, so her best hope was to head west where they were desperate for women.

Feeling a mite insulted, Josie did as her pa said. But finding 'just any' husband was not on Josie's mind. No. If she married, it would be for love. So, saddle up and ride along with Josie as she finds love and adventure in Silver Ridge.

You can purchase Mail Order Bride: Love in the Wind, HERE.

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